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Exceptional symbolic portrayal of human nature

Well firstly I'll just say this piece blows me away...

The near monotone colour palette is working very nicely here. Especially with the sort of "sketchy" rendering of the characters. I love how they feel half-drawn, half-finished, half-alive... It speak volumes into what we are without our communication.

I find the areas of the their bodies you chose to take away so intriguing. (Man this is so thought provoking!) Both of their minds are gone, and yet he holds onto his sight. Maybe speaking into Man's obsession with the physical world. And his mouth in slight decay as he "eats his words" for the last time... I find her tears an interesting touch as well, this says to me that she knows something he doesn't. Yet he holds onto something. Also, she pushed him away. Another sign she holds the understanding of their separation. Then the blood. While it is brilliantly rendered on the technical side, it also says so much about some kind of past. An event, something tragic of course. Failed pregnancy jumps to my mind, or some kind of death. Even if only the death of their relationship.

The background is also something of a marvel. I love the great wide space you've left above their heads. (Couple of air heads here..) And the strange dripping paint textures are in stark contrast to the graphic quality of the figures.

Very well done.

Congrats on this piece and your "frontpaged"

471472 responds:

your response gave me shivers thanks for your reply :D


What a great image. Firstly, I freaking love her hair. It came out really nice. Her body is so interesting, it's like I don't know what I'm looking at. It could be an interpretation of intestines/body innards, or a more symbolic look at her twisted soul, its almost looks like a maze... The headphones are a nice touch (I've noticed there kind of a signature of yours) And the background colour was chosen very wisely. Also, I actually really like your sig being there. As long as its incorporated with thought I see no issues.

Overall this is a very well-thought out piece of work, which invokes a lot of emotion.


471472 responds:

Headphones- lol I didnt notice that but I guess you are right I do love to draw me some headphones. ^_^ This picture is supposed to be the second to the inspiration one. So I am glad you saw the threads to "her twisted soul" This one is Influence, truly changing the inner workings of the people that come in contact with the created inspiration. There is alot more deep things to this image but I am glad you saw a large part of it.

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